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Mediterranean Cuisine

This stamp describes the Mediterranean personality in its dishes and its people. A wide com- bination that includes aspects such
as quality, local product, character,
market cuisine and of course he charm.

Crossing Cultures

This label identifies restaurants
with open, cosmopolitan cuisine
and a mix of cultures. A gastronomy
that fuses, incorporates and
reinterprets culinary traditions from other parts of the world, but with its own know-how and style.

Culinary Arrels

A wink at the grandmothers’
kitchen. The stamp of culinary
roots denotes an important presence of its own gastronomic
. We are back in one very
wide field that can combine
perfectly elements of tradition
and avant-garde.

Central Space

No one escapes the interest that
the center of Reus arouses among
visitors. This stamp identifies restaurants that offer an experience
close to the most emblematic
streets, corners and buildings
of modernism.

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